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Charla began teaching at Hearthstone Riding Stables in 2006. Her unique perspective and diverse equestrian background allows students of all ages to reach their riding goals safely and in a fun positive way while at the same time instilling the important basics of horse care, riding and dressage.

Charla began riding at age 6 in Northern Illinois and enjoyed a successful junior career in the Hunter/Jumper world. She has gone on to amass a large range of equestrian experience over the decades. Her equine endeavors include many achievements in Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, horse racing, endurance as well as the breeding and training of young horses. Those many years of study give her an accomplished and distinctive background on which to draw upon for her students’ education.

Charla’s students have also been quite successful in the show ring and beyond. One young student she began and taught the basics later went on to win the USEF Dressage Medal Seat Final 13 & under Championship. These past few years have been particularly exciting as several students of Charla’s riding Hearthstone lesson horses have won Houston Dressage Society Schooling Show Championships and Reserve Championships in addition to Houston Dressage Society End of Year Awards. Great job all!

Charla says “Nothing is more fulfilling to me than watching my students develop their confidence and competence on horseback.” For more information…

Charla helps coordinate the lesson horse lessons at the barn and teaches beginner/intermediate lessons for adults and children. Please feel free to make an appointment to come by and see a lesson being taught and meet the awesome lesson horses at Hearthstone. We have a very lovely park like facility complete with fans and indoor arenas to accommodate the hot/cold/rainy/whatever (!) nature of Houston's weather.

Beginners start on a long line called a lunge line that is a bit like a horse leash. This is for safety's sake and to give the new rider a chance to learn to balance their bodies with the horse before being asked to ride independently. These private lessons help to establish the student’s comfort and security on the horse.

Once the rider can balance well at the walk and trot we move on to more independent riding in our enclosed round arena. As the students advance, they take it to the next level in the big indoor and outdoor arenas.

The lesson at first is spent about half the time on the ground learning to halter, groom and tack up the horse/pony and half in the saddle. As the rider becomes better at this process they come and begin to tack up themselves before the lesson and all of the time is spent riding. In addition to teaching students to ride well, Charla also strives to ensure that they are proficient in handling the horse from the ground. She uses fun games and rides around the beautiful Hearthstone property to enhance the learning experience.

When the rider is competent on the horse Hearthstone Riding Stables offers 3 HDS Schooling Shows each year. While showing is not required it is a great way to show off the newly acquired riding skills. Many of Charla's students have excelled in the show ring and beyond. She so enjoys being able to introduce new riders into the wonderful world of the equine!

Charla Gipson



Lesson Price Schedule

(For Clients using HRS lesson horses)

Effective March 2021

Prices subject to change in the future


Tuition Package Lessons: *$75 Each 4 for $300/8 for $600

* With A Minimum of 4 Lessons Per Month

*And With A One Time $80 Registration Fee Required At First lesson

* And With A Standing Lesson Time Each Week

Introductory Lesson and/or Singly Purchased Lessons: $85 each

**All Lessons Subject To Policy Requirements**


Checks payable to CHARLA GIPSON

Important Notes, Policies and Responsibilities:

*All Lessons are 45 minutes in length

*Cost of lesson horse/pony is included in price of lesson

*Tuition Package Lesson prices are for set standing sessions only (for example every Wed at 5pm)

*A onetime registration fee of $80 is required to participate in the Tuition Package Lesson Program

*Payment of tuition is due at the start of first lesson of package (a $35 fee is charged for NSF checks)

* Lesson packages expire after 2 month from purchase date with the exception of makeup lessons.

*Make up lessons expire after 3 month from date of missed lesson

*24 hours notice of absence from scheduled lesson is required to qualify for makeup lesson

Please note: Unless 24 hours notice is given NO REFUNDS or make up lessons will be issued for missed or unused lessons. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not receive credit for the cost of the session nor will a makeup lesson be offered- NO EXCEPTIONS! ***

· Please be on time for the start of lesson. Lessons begin and end promptly at the scheduled time.

· If the Trainer is unable to provide a lesson for any reason, a make-up will be offered when possible or the cost of the lesson will be applied to future lessons

· Clients who wish to reserve their standing time slots, but need to suspend sessions due to long vacations, summer break, extended holidays, medical, or any other reasons, may do so provided a month’s tuition is paid before absence and advance notice is given to instructor

· Coaching fees for onsite Hearthstone Schooling Shows are $75 per horse per day. Away show coaching fees are $150 per day per horse. For other training fees please see Instructor

· Please be sure to allow enough time before lesson to groom and tack horse if applicable

· Thank You So Much and Happy Riding!!